Expert Infrared Asphalt Repair
Along Colorado's Front Range

About Infrared Asphalt Repair

Infrared works best when applied to small pot holes, utility cuts, and wide cracks. It is also good for leveling frost heaves, seams, bird baths, adjusting manholes and water valves as well as creating swells in asphalt and patching tightly alligatored or cracked areas.

Infrared patching is not applicable to areas with severe sub-grade deformation, exposed pot holes, areas with gateloops, areas that are within 2 feet of painted metal or wood, areas inside of parking garages (due to height of truck), or areas adjoining landscape.

No Job is Too Big or Too Small for Foothills Paving & Maintenance, Inc.


Our team uses a 4’x8′ truck mounted unit instead of a trailer mounted unit. This setup allows for better mobility. Our unit includes an asphalt hopper, which holds up to 4 tons of virgin asphalt material.

The infrared rays are generated in the heating unit, and produce heat deep inside the existing asphalt, directed to a specific location through a series of reflective panels.

After the area is properly heated and the asphalt is pliable, the crew uses a 4″ toothed rake to make the edges of the patch clean and straight. The softened asphalt is raked and agitated to homogenize the existing material between 2 and 3 inches in depth.

Adding New Material
The crew will remove any excess material if necessary. New 3/8″ minus hot asphalt material is added to the surface.

The asphalt is leveled with an asphalt lute to achieve the desired grade.

A minimum one-ton roller/compactor is mandatory to get the maximum density in the new patch. The edges of the patch are rolled first to create a compacted perimeter around the patch. The rest of the patch is then compacted with the vibratory roller. The finished product is a seamless patch due to the joint-free blending of asphalt by the thermal bonding process.

Customer Reviews

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So impressed with this company and the simple courteous gesture of a door knock to let us know our street was closed for the next 4 hours. Wow, wow is all I can say. I beyond appreciated this and it left an amazing impression on myself and my neighborhood as it was done for each and every resident. I wish this company an endless road of success! Truly amazing!!

Foothills Paving has proven to be a very good and honest company to use for our parking lot needs. Renick is genuinely nice and very easy to work with. I recommend working with Renick and Foothills Paving for your paving needs.

Our mountain driveway was in terrible shape last summer after years of inattention. We got bids from several paving companies. Several stated that they would not do the work because our driveway was too steep. Jacob came out several times to discuss the job and give us alternatives. The work was done earlier than promised, completed more quickly than promised, and is a superior job. Neighbors have been asking us who did the work. They went out of their way to keep disruption to a minimum, did a wonderful job at cleanup, and the crew was friendly and helpful. We could not be happier, and highly recommend them.

We are neighborhood of 15 homes with a mile long road that is maintained by our HOA. Foothills performed a crack fill and seal coat of our road during the summer of 2018. They did a great job. They came out to our neighborhood and measured the road and discussed all options with us. They did the job when they said they would for the price they quoted even though they applied almost double the material in the crack fill operation showing a strong ethical concern for delivering the quality of service promised for the price quoted to their customer.

We have had nothing but excellent work from this company. Andy came out immediately to get us an estimate. The estimate was reasonable, the work started in a timely manner and the work was very professional. The asphalt patch work was just what we needed and I think the workers left the parking lot cleaner than when they got here. Cannot recommend this company highly enough! You don’t even need to call around – I did all that and these guys are the best.